The classical rap vibes are in full effect in Your Old Droog's new video for "Bangladesh," a Heems-assisted cut from his PACKS album, released earlier this year. Watch the new video below.

In the vid, Droog and Heems kick it on the stoop as Droog spits some lethally well-rhymed bars over a flute-fueled instrumental. Throughout the vid, they travel around the city, hitting everywhere from a rooftop to what appears to be a middle eastern restaurant called "Bangladesh."

There's nothing too extravagant going on in the visual, but Droog and Heems seem to be having a dope time as they post up with friends. The vid acts as a smooth visual accompaniment for a track that's all about the bars, and we wouldn't have it any other way. On the track, Droog turns in a fire Michael Joran-Craig Ehlo reference while rhyming as flawlessly as he can.

"Tranquilo since Jordan made The Shot on Ehlo/If you don't know anything, know that YOD nice/Check my closet, see Lo like 3 dice/And I ain't even ahead, thieving for bread
Bandit with a candle lit, grieving the dead, I said," Droog spits on the track.

Heems, who's a member of the Swet Shop Boys along with Riz MC, also turns in a remarkably well-rhymed verse, with his cool, calm delivery accentuating its smoothness.

"I'm Fellini eating fettuccine at the mini-mall/She said 'Heemy you can't see me why you such a meany for?'/Whipping in that beany 4-door like you on city hall/Out in Long Island, why you don't come to the city for?"

Peep the new vid below.

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