Photos by Denisse Hernandez

The insanely-intriguing Riff Raff headlined a sold-out show at NYC’s Highline Ballroom last night. Having seen his shenanigans online and on the silver screen, there are infinite possibilities when you’re talking about Jody Highroller. With the crowd decked out in neon and an enormous MTV logo set in the middle of the stage, here’s the thing with Riff Raff, you never know what exactly to expect but you should always expect something.

Featuring strong openers like Dirty South Joe, Lakutis and Heems from Das Racist, the audience’s energy was up and Riff was there to keep the momentum going. From the moment that Jody came on stage, the chaos never stopped. He performed original tracks like “Jose Canseco,” his Chief Keef collab “Cuz My Gear” and we saw an appearance from Action Bronson who gave us his guest verse on “Bird On A Wire.” Riff Raff possesses this undeniable energy that is contagious. Fans could not get enough of having champagne poured in their mouth and watching the same girls run up on stage only to thrown off again.

The experience that is Riff Raff, did not disappoint. By the last song of the evening, what seemed like half of the people on the Highline Ballroom floor rushed the stage. There was twerking, there was smoking, there was moshing. All for Jody.

Somewhere in America... —Abrea Armstrong

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