It looks like there will not be two brides at Young Thug's wedding. Thugger's fiancée Jerrika Karlae took to Twitter yesterday (Sept. 13) to refute a Billboard story where Young Thug said there would be two brides at his wedding. According to Karlae, her fiancé never said the eye-catching quote during his interview with Billboard.

"And billboard magazine totally twisted thugs words," Karlae wrote. "I was there the entire interview never said any of that stuff verbatim. I don't like how people do interviews and then try to twist his words to make it more juicy...that shouldn't be legal. Two brides my ASS...funny joke tho."

The original story attributed the direct quote of "there will be two brides" to Young Thug. The article was centered around the Atlanta native's gender-neutral attitude towards fashion. The piece was published on the heels of Young Thug's Jeffrey mixtape release which featured him wearing a gown on the cover artwork.

The style-centric piece included a story about Young Thug's father's reaction to the nontraditional fashion choices. Thugger recounted a childhood memory where his father beat him because he wore his sister's shoes.

"When I was 12, my feet were so small I wore my sister's glitter shoes,” he said. “My dad would whoop me: ‘You’re not going to school now, you’ll embarrass us!’ But I never gave a fuck what people think.”

Jerrika Karlae only took issue with the two brides elements of the story, so it appears the rest of it was accurately quoted. The author of the article has not responded to Karlae's claims of misquoting her fiancé.

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