In what is sure to only add to the convention-bending mythology of Young Thug, the rapper has released his video for "Wyclef Jean," though it's less a video and more a story of what the video was supposed to be. Title cards from co-director Ryan Staake appear throughout, the narrative being how the shoot devolved from its original concept and how Thug never made it on set. It is hard to gather how much of that absence was intended, though the video appears on YouTube under Thugger's account. It is all very meta and feels official in an unofficial way.

Staake explains, using audio of Young Thug himself, how the rapper imagined the video going. Small kid's cars with models inside. Children dressed up as police officers, models destroying their life-size squad car. A backyard pool party that Thug arrives to in a kid's car. There are elements of all of these in the actual video, they just don't include Thug himself, who, as Staake relays, didn't show up until 10 hours after he was expected, and never exited his own car, his Instagram reportedly hacked that day.

The footage of Thug in the video was provided by the rapper, Staake saying that the decision to eat Cheetos while filming was all Thug. Whether the no-show was by design or if the abandoned concept was the concept all along seems beside the point. Staake considers whether the moral of his story is that "None of this matters." Check the video for the No, My Name Is Jeffrey cut up top and ponder for yourself.

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