On Dec. 22, Young Thug was arrested in Atlanta, Ga. for missing a court date. Now, after missing his rescheduled court date, there's another warrant out for Thugger's arrest.

The JEFFREY artist was arrested at Lenox Square Mall on Dec. 22 when a police officer recognized him, remembering that Thug had recently skipped a court date for excessive window tinting.

The court date was rescheduled for today (Jan. 12), and once again, Young Thug was nowhere to be found. As a result, the judge has issued a warrant for the Barter 6 rapper.

For real, though: who can blame Thugger for wanting to tint his windows? As one of the biggest names in hip-hop, it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to get recognized in his own car. It’s also a safety issue.

It’s been a rough few weeks since Thug spazzed on a couple airport employees, calling them names and offering them money to quit their jobs. First, he got dropped while trying to crowd surf at a concert in New York City. On Dec. 22, he was booked for missing a court date, and now, he has yet another warrant out for his arrest.

But things are looking up for Thugga Thugga. He recently previewed new music with The Weeknd, and he also announced he'll be going on tour with Drake. In other Young Thug-related news, the ATL artist recently spoke with Paper Magazine and talked about his desire to help fight poverty in Atlanta.

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