Police want to talk to Young Thug after rumors swirled online that he was involved in an altercation over the weekend.

After Young Thug and his fiancee Jerrika Karlae were partying at the Atlanta nightclub Palace, an alteration allegedly broke out outside of the night spot between Jerrika and Valerie Raven. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Valerie a.k.a. Akbar V was once an employee of Young Thug. Akbar V alleges Thugger stepped in to take his fiancee’s side during the scuffle and slapped her on the left side of her face.

Akbar V said there were several witnesses in the vicinity at the time, and there's even video that seems to show what went down. The cops were called but by the time they arrived, Thugger and his fiancee Jerrika had already left the scene.

Although there is a video that appears to show the aftermath of the altercation between Jerrika and Akbar V, there isn't any point in the video that shows clear evidence of Young Thug indeed slapping Akbar. Throughout the two minute clip, a witness tapes the two parties trading words as a crowd stands nearby trying their best to defuse the situation.

Jerrika denied the reports on Instagram, saying, "Thug didn't touch her he actually asked her nicely to move from his vehicle!" You can read her response below.

XXL has reached out to Atlantic Records for comments.

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