Young Thug's long-awaited Slime Season mixtape is finally here but instead of folks focusing on the music, everyone is asking Thugger about his issues with other artists. Last weekend, a beef sparked between Young Thug and Plies after Plies posted a video of Thug's daughter using some unsavory language on his Instagram. The ATL rapper was asked about the beef on DJ Holiday's radio show and said about Plies, "Only reason I was frustrated with him was because he's a 40-year-old man, he knows better. Like, You're a rapper and you're trying to turn into a comedian, fuck is you doing? You're putting a kid cussin' on your page, that ain't cool. You're tryin' too hard to be funny."

Plies isn't the only rapper upset with Thug. Louisiana rapper Tokyo Vanity is claiming that Thug ripped off her song "That's My Best Friend" for his track, "Best Friend." Vanity has spent the last few days going off on Instagram about YT, claiming that he asked her to be in the video (which she declined) but has not paid her for the song:

I ain't worried bout thugger

A video posted by VANITY MAFIA (@tokyoxvanity) onSep 14, 2015 at 3:44pm PDT



Just know they know me they see me and I declined

A photo posted by VANITY MAFIA (@tokyoxvanity) onSep 14, 2015 at 4:06pm PDT

On Holiday's radio show, Thug acknowledged that the song was inspired by Tokyo but did not know she was upset with him. "It was inspired by the little fat girl Tokyo," he said. "I was mad because I was going to put 'Inspired by her' in the video [and forgot]. I didn't even know she was upset...Was she trippin'? It slipped my mind to put the 'Inspired by.' I tried to help her."

Check out Tokyo Vanity's video below and decide for yourself if YT is biting:

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