Over the weekend, Lyor Cohen said Young Thug would be going by a new name – No, My Name Is Jeffery. Whether you knew it was a blatant marketing stunt or not, fans ran with the news anyway. But with Thug's Jeffery tape expected to release either today (Aug. 16) or Aug. 26, the Atlanta rapper revealed that he's only changing his name for a week – unless he sells 100,000 copies of the new project.

Speaking on Beats 1 radio with Travis Scott, Thug said, "I'm Jeffery for one fucking week. If I don't sell a 100,000 copies." Travis added, "Let that be known. Let that be stated. We goin' for 100,000 first week. I'm doing my verse tonight."

Thug added, "This motherfucker gonna be held back six hours for Travis Scott," hinting that the project release is imminent. You can hear the short exchange above.

The "name change" is the latest in an ongoing effort to rebrand Young Thug, in case you haven't noticed. First he got rid of the blond dreads, then he got a nice new pair of pearly whites, and eventually his label 300 literally buried Slime Season-era Thugger in New Orleans. The name change is the latest example of how the label is trying to get him away from his previous persona.

But Thug clearly only sees it as temporary. After all, hasn't he already landed deals with Calvin Klein and Puma as Thugger?

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