Looks like Thugger's tape has been pushed back a bit, according to Lyor Cohen:

Original Story:

Back in early July, Young Thug announced he'd be dropping a new mixtape soon called Jeffery. He didn't say when, but today he posted a picture to himself on Instagram with the caption "8-16," indicating that the tape would drop on August 16, his birthday.

He's been posting snippets of the tape on his IG in recent weeks, and it sounds insane. It's also being helmed behind the boards by TM88, who's had a hand in classic Thugger songs like "Danny Glover" and "ILL," so expectations are high for this one.

How his label 300 will position the tape is anybody's guess. His fans have been patiently waiting for his official debut album Hy!£UN35 for years now, and though it's supposed to drop this year, that feels unlikely. It's doubtful that they'll rebrand Jeffery as the official debut album, but it is safe to say that the tape will be available for sale on digital services like Apple Music, Spotify and others.

Thugger's had a good year so far, selling out venues and going platinum with "Best Friend." But the challenge remains – can he score a hit as big as "Lifestyle"? That introduced him to a whole new set of fans, and unless he has another song of that caliber, we might not be getting his official debut LP any time soon.

Hear a couple snippets from Jeffery below.

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