While most people have no way of knowing for sure, numerous rise-and-fall biopics, E! True Hollywood Story's and invasive, tell-all memoirs have all pointed to one "truth" about the acidic underbelly of the music industry: it isn't pretty.

So it's never too surprising when a legal battle unfolds right in front of our eyes. The latest one involves Young Thug—or more specifically, his former manager Manny Halley, who's currently suing Thugger's current business manager David Weise.

TMZ reports Halley has filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Weise, claiming Weise has ruined his reputation by trashing him to cover Weise's "own incompetence." Halley says Weise sent out an email claiming Halley had stacked up more than $200,000 worth of unauthorized charges during his time as the Thug's manager.

The story picked up some steam when it was reported by a few smaller urban blogs, and Halley feels his reputation within the industry has been ruined. Halley says the "unauthorized" $200,000 he spent was to cover the private jet Thugger used during his tour and claims Weise was so irresponsible when it came to handling Thug's finances the Jeffery rapper ended up having his cell phone and the lights in his house shut off.

Halley claims the email that ruined his reputation was only sent after he tried to get Weise fired, and believes the move was the reason behind Weise's inflammatory message. We're going to have to stay tuned to see how this one plays out.

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