Young Thug spoke about how he and his fiancée Jerrika Reveal met. In a recent joint interview with Vlad TV, Thugga and Reveal said that they met at Gucci Mane's studio. "We met in Gucci's studio," he said. "That was the first time we ever met. She turned me down and was like nah. I guess I was too street or something. Then the second time we met in Miami and she was with her boyfriend, the little ballplayer guy and his little friends, the built and stuff. I said, hey what are you doing? She said, "I'm with my boyfriend" and I was like what? Hate you."

Reveal chimes in and said that Thugger Thugger is very charming and swept her off her feet. "Everything he said was perfect, he compltely swept me right off of my feet," she said. "That's what people don't know, he's a charmer. Especially with women, he will street you off of your feet with words."

The couple got engaged last month and YT confirmed the news at his listening session for Barter 6. There is no wedding date right now. They also talked about the size of their wedding and how Thug balances his career and marriage. Thug is currently working on his his new album Hy!£UN35, which is due out in August. After he's done he wants to make an entire album dedicated to Jerrika. Now that's love.

Watch the interview below below.