Young Thug is a quick creator. In a new interview with The FADER, producer London on da Track revealed that three of the songs he made with Thugger for Slime Season 3 were crafted in just one day.

"All the tracks that are on there are two years old. I think we made 'Digits,' 'Memo,' and 'Tattoos and Piercings' all in one day," London said. "We was high as hell and we was just turning up and making music like we always do and Thug pulled up. There was a lot of people there, it was me, Alex [Tumay], Duke was there, and his sisters Dora and Dolly where there."

The interview also touched on Young Thug and London on da Track's working relationship. The Atlanta producer explained that he actually makes his beats from scratch when he goes into the studio with Thug.

"Me and Thug's chemistry is so good, it's immediate every time," London said. "I always make music in front of him—on the spot, from scratch. When I play a few melodies, he's like, 'That's it right there, finish that.' And I'll be like, 'You sure?' And he'll be like, 'That's the melody right there.' So I lay down the melody, then I put two or three more sounds to it, and then I'll put it in ProTools and he just goes in and rips it from there. He does what he does, and then he's like, 'Okay, I did my part, London, I want you to tweak it.' So I finish it up. I'll make sure it's complete—this breakdown is for this part right here, this is for that section, the intro need to start like this. We just play around with it until we know it's a hit."

If you haven't heard Slime Season 3 yet, make sure to read XXL's review of the mixtape to see if it is worth your time. HiTunes the album is up next.

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