With Birdman recently announcing the upcoming Rich Gang II: Lifestyles album, he and Young Thug join forces again, releasing the video for the new single "Bit Bak."

Directed by GLP, the video finds Thugger and Birdman congregating with their crew and some women in a rose-colored setting. In another scene, they both rap for the camera while tossing tons of ones in front of a black Bentley.

"I'm in a Maybach at a kick back/Gettin' geeked out my mind/I'm in a Maybach at a kick back, big cat/I'm in a Maybach at a kick back with a big rack/I'm in a Maybach cost big racks (big racks)/Big ol' racks yeah!/Run up them bands, fuck is you doin'/Run up them bands, fuck is you doin'/That money pursue it nigga, the fuck is you doin'/You run up some bands nigga, the fuck is you doin'," Thug raps on the chorus.

Baby chopped it up with XXL over NBA All-Star Weekend to discuss the upcoming Rich Gang II: Lifestyles LP. "Me and Thug just doing our thing on this," he said. "Thug’s really controlling the project. It’s the majority of his ideas on this and I’m just doing my thing with him, but RG2 is something that I think is really dope and it’s a continuation of what we did with part one of the Rich Gang album. We wanted to keep that vibe and that feeling. London [on da Track] did a lot of the music and we just wanted to make sure the same feeling is on this project."

Watch the "Bit Bak" video below.

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