Attention, rest of the game: Young M.A is coming. Yesterday (Oct. 13), the 24-year-old Brooklyn MC delivered the music video for her 2015 track, "Quiet Storm."

"Quiet Storm" is from M.A's 2015 SleepWalkin mixtape. The "OOOUUU" rapper snaps on the classic Mobb Deep instrumental, showing off her pinpoint flow and hard lyrics. The potential 2017 XXL Freshman is so damn authentic. At one point, she spits, "Mama wondered why I never liked to wear a skirt/Or wear a purse, I tried to be girly once/But fortunately it didn't work/I'm coming up something like a hiccup burp/You running up, see that's gon' get you hit and murked."

A Piece By Guy and Young M.A direct the three-minute long clip, in which the BK artist chills in the studio, smokes in the outside hallway of an apartment building and flows about various topics. Her brother was killed at 20 years old, when M.A was just 17. On "Quiet Storm," she's open and honest about the heartbreaking incident, rapping, I'm just tryna do, what my brother didn't, I love ya nigga/The pain deep, I can feel it in my stomach nigga/That's the pain and the hunger nigga/I'm from the jungle, to feel success you gotta struggle/To get where I'm at I had to hustle, that's why I'm humble/I had to cry, I had to hurt, I was at my worst."

Young M.A is a refreshing new NYC artist. If you've been sleeping, it's time to wake up: she has an extremely bright future ahead of her. In case you missed it, yesterday (Oct. 13), her smash hit "OOOUUU" landed in the top 10 on on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Legendary female MC Lil Kim also tweeted out the video. You can view the "Quiet Storm" music video above via YouTube, and scroll down to see Lil Kim show love.

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