Young M.A is back in her bag. The Brooklyn rapper recently previewed a new freestyle on Instagram where she is rapping over Gucci Mane's "I Get the Bag" track.

"First freestyle of 2018! Went 4 min straight on this!... When should I drop this! #YoungMA," she captioned the video.

She's going hard on this one. "The block hot so I'm tucking it/Glizzy came with a drum in it/Treat my neener like my old hoes, she act up and I'm dumping it," she spits.

Fans were hype. "Damn it!!! Listened to you all night and put folks on to your music and everybody feeling it! Now you got this.... you on a whole other level," one person commented. "Dopest Femcee ever to touch a mic I fucks with all your music keeping going up it’s only 2018 I know you got bout 20 more years left," another person added.

After capturing the ear of hip-hop with her 2016 hit, "OOOUUU," Young M.A dropped her Herstory EP last April. Fans were hoping they would get her debut album in 2017, but are still waiting. It looks like 2018 will be the year.

M.A recently revealed she lost a significant amount of weight on Instagram. "To all my supporters that keep saying I lost weight.. yes it was on purpose lol I’ve stop eating meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb...)," she captioned a recent picture of herself on IG.

"I cut my liquor intake into 'occasionally only' lol..," she continued. "I’ve been in the gym consistently... and I’ve been watching my calorie intake.. it was discipline for me of course. In 2 months I’ve dropped 20 pounds.. Always wanted to change my diet but wasn’t mentally ready for it at first.. Honestly since I’ve changed my diet I’ve been less exhausted.. I wake up with full energy.. and also mentally I feel good... I just want to say to all my supporters if you are not happy with anything in your life you have the power to change it! Only you! I love you all! God bless! More music on the way btw! Let’s get it! #2018 #YoungMA #Lyfe."

Listen to the preview of Young M.A's new freestyle below.

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