Young M.A is NOT with the joking around, especially when it involves an invasion of her personal space. Viral sensation QueenzFlip figured that out the hard way, as he posed as an Uber driver for the Brooklyn rapper, who proceeded to punch him in the face once he began his passenger rattling routine.

To M.A's defense, QueenzFlip's shtick could be perceived as attempted assault or even robbery to the unfamiliar. There seems to be contrasting notions here at play as well, as Flip wears a disguise to cover up his identity, but M.A clearly didn't know of him or his aggressive stylings beforehand. All in all, setting someone up with this stunt just seems like a horrible idea.

In the clip below, Flip attempts to explain that it was all a joke to M.A, who isn't laughing, even after the fact. "You're lucky that's all I did, boy," she says when Flip complains that she busted his mouth. "You never saw my shit?" he asks to which M.A offers up the perfect response, "You saw my shit?"

Members of the XXL team have experienced a QueenzFlip ride first hand, but knowing what you're getting into seems to be a key component for things going smoothly. Check out both Instagram videos up top and below, with Young M.A taking things a bit more in stride with her captions. "@iamqueenzflip got me man smh nigga got me tight tho because I don't play all that grabbin up on me shit," she wrote.

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