Young M.A dropped her new single "Hot Sauce" last week. Now, the Brooklyn MC returns with some visuals for the track. The music video sees Young M.A visiting the strip club while spitting rhymes about her exploits.

“Throwing ones like money grow on trees/So when I look down all I see is green/Never look for love in the strip club/Where all the bartenders give me big hugs, wait/Hold up, turn around, tss, girl/Where you think you going with that big butt/Brown water sipping in that big cup/My nigga Bottle only rolling big blunts/Chill dude, you are not a tough guy/Not the only one with a gun, guy/My hitters like shooting shit for fun, guy/Head shot, hit the boy one time,” Young M.A raps.

"Hot Sauce" is just a taste of what's to come. A few weeks ago, Young M.A announced her plans to release a new EP in March.

“The music is definitely in effect. I know a lot of people, a lot of my supporters been waiting and it’s been a minute,” she said. “And I even feel weird not having nothing out. Definitely been working. So this month I will be dropping an EP, at the end of March. So we definitely gon’ have a lot of new music that nobody ever heard before.”

Watch the music video for Young M.A's "Hot Sauce" below and cop it on iTunes if you want to put a little more cash in her pocket.

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