Young Dolph and Yo Gotti's beef from a year ago had seemed to die down, until a couple weeks ago when Dolph dropped the Gotti diss "Play Wit Yo Bitch" and brought things back to a boiling point. Now the younger M-town rapper is warning the "Down in the DM" MC to stay out of his way or apologize.

Dolph was recently a guest on Atlanta radio station Streetz 94.5 with DJ Holiday, where he opened up about bringing his issue with Gotti to wax. "This the first diss song Dolph ever put out. It really ain't even a diss song, it's just straight facts," he said, referring to the track in which he talks about sleeping with the mother of Gotti's child.

Dolph claims Gotti has been sneak-dissing him on his last two projects. So that's why he decided to air the CMG rapper out. "He did it two times," noted Dolph. "The last two tapes he done put out. He thought the coast was clear, okay. He know what I do. He like, 'Dolph ain't paying us no attention. Dolph getting them Ms. He racking 'em up, going crazy, by himself. He ain't paying no attention.' He thought the coast was clear."

Dolph claims Gotti's issues with him initially stem from his refusal to sign with the Memphis mainstay when he first started to bubble. "Sign with him for what? Hell naw it didn't make sense," Dolph said about not inking a deal. "Nope. Cocaine Musik faggots. No. That ain't Dolph. I wouldn't even feel right. I would feel so out of place over there with some faggots."

The "Rich Crack Baby" rapper said the whole situation can be deaded with an apology from Gotti. He also warned, "He just needs to stay out of my way."

Check out the full interview below.

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