The folks responsible for firing dozens of rounds into Young Dolph's bulletproof SUV last month could be well on their way to being brought to justice, reports North Carolina's NBC Charlotte.

Over 100 shots were fired during the shooting that took place on the last day of the CIAA tournament. Given the basketball-related activities, the streets were more than packed. Luckily everyone escaped injury—including Dolph, whose new album, Bulletproof features a cover with him standing in front of what appears to be the same type of bulletproof SUV that protected him from harmed in the shooting.

Police in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C., expect to make a serious move on the case soon. “I am fully confident in some sort of progress that we can share with you shortly,” Deputy Chief Jeff Estes said at a weekly briefing.

Estes didn't say whether or not he had spoken with Dolph, but did indicate that "detectives will talk to anyone that they believe is pertinent to the investigation."

After the shooting, the police recovered a high-powered rifle, a black SUV and "a number of cell phones" to examine for evidence.

For his part, Dolph isn't letting the attempt on his life hold him back from continuing on with his busy schedule. In fact, it appears to have given him his album title, Bulletproof. On the forthcoming project, which has 10 songs, the "Run It Up" rapper references the shooting throughout the entire tracklist.

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