Young Dolph is not slowing down. Just a few months after dropping his debut album King of Memphis, Dolph has announced that he will release a new mixtape called Bosses and Shooters on Friday (May 27).

The Memphis rapper went on Instagram today (May 25) to share the news along with the cover artwork for the mixtape.

"NEW MIXTAPE: Droppin' dis muddafuka Friday!" Young Dolph wrote.

It appears that this won't be a solo project from Young Dolph as his Paper Route Empire cohorts Jay Fizzle and Bino Brown are featured on the cover too. Dolph sharing the spotlight is not surprising as he previously told XXL that he wants to see more Memphis rappers having success.

"I’m just turning this shit around. I’m just making this shit different," Young Dolph said. "Think about how many rappers done got hot and blew up and became millionaires out of Memphis in the last 10 years. Think about that shit. In the last 10 years, what rappers done came out and blew up and became a millionaire? Yo Gotti and Young Dolph. Triple 6, 8ball and MJG, that was their time. And even in their time, who all was it — nobody but Three 6 and 8ball and MJG. But this is the city of music. This is where the whole sound coming from. It don’t make sense to me so I’m finna change the shit, flip it around. You look at Atlanta and you ask how many niggas out of Atlanta done blew up and made millions of dollars off this shit. It ain’t no telling. In the last 10 years? Man... probably more than 20 or 30 of them. It’s self-explanatory."

Check out the entire interview for Young Dolph's thoughts on beef with Yo Gotti, the enduring effects of slavery and much more.

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