Young Dolph is playing no games. The Memphis spitter takes shots at Yo Gotti yet again by making fun of the fellow rapper in his new music video for "Play Wit Yo Bitch." Released earlier this week, (Feb. 22) the nearly eight-minute clip shows Dolph delivering diss after diss in visual form. Dolph even links up with a Yo Gotti look-alike in the studio to act out the scene where Gotti allegedly tried to sign him.

"You went from my biggest fan, to my biggest hater/Beggin' me to sign with you, but I had too much paper/Still that same nigga that used to front your big brother/Found out he a bitch too now I call him your big sister, bitch," Dolph spits right after the scene.

Dolph later scoops up Gotti's girl right from under him, leaving the fake Gotti to cry while he reads the cheating text message conversations. Ruthless.

This Young Dolph and Yo Gotti beef definitely has the city of Memphis divided. The ongoing feud, which has a timeline of over a year now, seemed to have died down recently until Dolph dropped this "Play Wit Yo Bitch" diss record in early February off his Gelato mixtape. Dolph threw jabs at Gotti in a radio interview soon after, telling DJ Holiday of Streetz 94.5 that the issues stem from his refusal to sign with the Gotti's label when he first got hot.

“Sign with him for what?," Dolph said about the deal. "Hell naw it didn’t make sense. Nope. Cocaine Musik faggots. No. That ain’t Dolph. I wouldn’t even feel right. I would feel so out of place over there with some faggots.”

Peep the video for “Play Wit Yo Bitch” above and keep an ear out for a response from Yo Gotti.

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