Young Chop is best known for his producing skills, but the Chicago native isn't afraid to hop on the mic, either. On Feb. 1, Chop delivered his new mixtape Let Em Know Chop.

The project consists of 13 tracks with guest features from Yb Tae Flexin, Ill Will, Chopsquad and Sonny Digital. You can stream the mixtape below via DatPiff, or you can support by copping on iTunes for $9.99.

Chop's rapping style is somewhat similar to Chief Keef's, his friend and frequent collaborator. They both use a subtle, warbled, auto-tuned approach to their deliveries. While Chief Keef is absent from this mixtape, his influence is evident.

Let Em Know Chop is the follow-up to 2016's King Chop album. That body of work contains 12 tracks with guest verses from Vic Mensa, Riff Raff, King100James and more.

In August 2016, XXL spoke with Young Chop about getting back into rapping. “It was easy for me to transition back into rap,” Chop told XXL. “I already was going to do it anyway, so why not now. I was like 12, 13 [when I started producing]. I was with my cousin and shit when I said I want to make beats. Ever since then I’ve been fucking with the beats. Then all that shit just blew up as me as a producer. [For me] making beats is easy, that shit like 15 to 20 minutes. It’s not hard for me; it may be for other people but not me.”

As aforementioned, you can listen to or download Let Em Know Chop below courtesy of DatPiff.

Young Chop's Let Em Know Chop Tracklist
1. "Big Soulja Chop"
2. "Ride the Wave" Feat. YB Tae Flexin & IllWill
3. "Im For Sure" Feat. Chopsquad
4. "On That Dresser"
5. "Cut Like That"
6. "Ain't No Question"
7. "All I See"
8. "A Lil Bit"
9. "Why You"
10. "Buck Buck"
11. "Ramsey is Police in Spanish"
12. "Lil Baby"
13. "Right Now" Feat. Sonny Digital

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