Things between Young Buck and The Game got dicey over the weekend. It started last week when the estranged former G-Unit member posted a picture of himself with Lloyd Banks in Dubai. The caption on Instagram read simply, "Still." That prompted a response from 50 Cent and Young Buck, and from there things spiraled out of control quickly. When Game's manager commented on one of Young Buck''s Instagram videos, rumors began spreading that Buck wanted to put a hit out on Game's manager Wack 100, but Buck has denied those rumors in a new Instagram post.

"I just talked to my Big Homie @bigu1 and I'm hearing niggaz saying I'm suppose to put some money on a nigga head," wrote Buck in reference to the rumors that he'd put a hit out on Game's manager. "Nigga need to #Pop the nigga that's lying. I don't need to put money on no nigga head...I GOT REAL LOVE IN THESE STREETS!!"

The rumors followed after Wack 100 posted a comment to Buck's Instagram threatening the G-Unit rapper and saying they'd fight next time they run into each other. His comment seemed to stem from a misunderstanding of what Buck was talking about in the video Wack commented on. "I just seen you try to change up the situation," wrote Wack. "Nigga be a man and stand on your words. But we'll do it like this when we see each other nigga we gone give the world something to talk about. You gone learn to stay out my situations nigga. We gone knuckle up and see who on what nigga. "I'll be in touch more sooner than you think."

Hopefully all parties keep a cool head, because Banks and Game reuniting was surely cause for fans to celebrate last week.

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