Young Buck will not be facing jail time for reportedly being caught by his probation officer for faking a drug test. Scott Leemon, Buck's attorney, told that contrary to initial reports, his client will not be sent back to jail.

"I am glad that Judge Campbell agreed with our joint recommendation that Buck be sentenced to probation, a fine, community service and drug treatment," said Leemon. "This was a fair result, most importantly, because Buck was spared any prison time and permitted to get back on the road to perform and make new music. In fact, he went right from court to go meet 50 on his Effen vodka tour."

Buck’s probation officer caught the G-Unit member with a plastic bag full of somebody else’s clean urine. Falsifying a court-ordered drug test is a felony and punishable by up to five years in jail. So it's safe to say that Buck caught a big break. The Nashville, Tenn. star has been releasing a ton of heat lately. Buck announced his Ten-A-Key mixtape series with plans to drop nine new mixtapes in nine months. He already released DJ Whoo Kid-hosted 10 Bullets in April. He followed that up with 10 Bricks in late May and a few loosies in July. With more music presumably coming out this year, fans can rest easy knowing Buck isn't going back to prison.