rappers filing for bankruptcy young buck

Back in May, Young Buck failed a drug test for the first time since November 2013 after getting high with Snoop Dogg while on the road. Buck was caught by his probation officer using a tube to shoot a "yellow sample" into his sample cup. Over the weekend, the Cashville, Tennessee rapper was busted again for trying to use someone else's clean urine to pass a drug test. According to TMZ, Buck's probation officer caught the rapper with a plastic bag full of clean urine (presumably somebody else's) and then he tried to use a tube to transfer the liquid into a sample cup. Falsifying a court-ordered drug test is a felony and punishable by up to five years in jail.

Before the worrisome news of the past few months, Buck was making a strong return to the scene. Along with last year’s G-Unit reunion, Buck also announced his Ten-A-Key mixtape series with plans to drop nine new mixtapes in nine months. The series kicked off with April’s DJ Whoo Kid-hosted 10 Bullets which featured Buck at his rawest. With no guest features, the rapper tears through the ten tracks and sounds better than ever. In the ensuing months, Buck also dropped 10 Bricks in late May and a few loosies in July. With more mixtapes supposedly on deck, it will be a real shame if Buck can’t fulfill his vision due to his current legal woes.