Young Buck turned himself in to prison to begin his 18-month sentence on weapon charges, TMZ has learned.

The celebrity news website reports that Buck checked into Yazoo City Medium Security Federal Prison in Southern Mississippi on Monday (August 6).

It’s been a hard downfall the past several years for the former G-Unit rap star. After Buck accepted felony charges for allegedly stabbing a man, who sucker-punched Dr. Dre at the 2004 Vibe Awards, he endured a Federal raid on his Tennessee mansion for bankruptcy, but not without Feds finding an old gun. The combination of the felony weapon charges and the over $250,000 he still owes the IRS put Buck in the legal bind he is today.

The former G-Unit rap star recently broke his silence about the jail term and his tumultuous life over the past few years, including being the victim of a drive-by shooting—one he left unscathed—in Tennessee this past March.

“There were all the crazy things that happened to me in the last few years leading up to this situation I’m in today,” Buck told XXL. “My mindset moving forward is letting the past be the past. Don’t judge me behind what you think I am or what you thought I did or none of that. Pay attention to Buck because the man that I was yesterday ain’t the man that I am today.”

“I know whatever is at the end of the rainbow…it’s gotta be a pot of gold,” he added. “I put my situation in God’s hands a long time ago.”—Mark Lelinwalla