Young Buck's new album, 10 Street Commandments, drops next week, and now we get the album art and tracklist for the upcoming project.

The LP fittingly boasts 10 tracks. The album only has one guest appearance in Twanee, who is on the song, "Out the Streets." The cover for the project features a drawing of Buck's torso enshrined in old European sculptures.

Hopefully, Young Buck checked the release date calendar this time. The Tennessee rapper got a rude awakening on the release date of his latest project, 10 Toes Down, which happened to drop the same day that JAY-Z put out his new album, 4:44. Buck wasn't exactly feeling the coincidence. "I got a quick message for JAY-Z," he said in an Instagram video. "Next time you see me dropping a album, get out my way dude. Quit buying up every got damn thing, bro. Let a young nigga get his ass in Jay."

He continued, "I get up, turn on the radio. JAY-Z whole got damn album playing way in got damn Cashville. Nigga, I dropped too nigga. Get out my motherfucking way Jay. Salute nigga, but got damn let a young nigga eat." He captioned the clip, "#PublicServiceAnnouncement😂😂😂!!! NOW GO GRAB #10ToesDown👣 AVAILABLE NOW🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!! #linkinbio📲💻."

Buck's new album comes out on Dec. 1.

Check out his 10 Street Commandments tracklist below.

Young Buck's 10 Street Commandments Album Tracklist

1. "Paperwork"
2. "Emoji Mad"
3. "Caption This"
4. "Out the Streets" Feat. Twanee
5. "Stick"
6. "Dope 2 Ya"
7. "Where She At"
8. "Run Off"
9. "Problems"
10. "Penitentiary Pics"

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