Yo Gotti is going to court in his new music video. The Memphis rapper gives the visual treatment to The Art of Hustle track "Law" featuring E-40, depicting a situation you might watch play out on Judge Judy.

The video sees a woman who Yo Gotti encountered at the club suing him to pay for her damaged weave, which caught on fire somehow. The "Down in the DM" rapper swears he's not responsible, claiming it's just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The trial proceeds in an interesting fashion before E-40 stops by as an eye witness. The Bay Area legend gives a little interview before entering court and delivering his verse.

"Paper over plastic, P.O.P, that's law/Cash on delivery, C.O.D, that's law/Hush your mouth and let them teach you, that's law/Never bite the hand of the man that feed you, that's law/Don't forget who buttered your bread, don't get amnesia, that's law/Sleep with one eye closed, the back door you ain't sneaking, that's law/Know your bail bonds man and your lawyer number by heart, that's law/Interrogation keep your tongue in park, that's law," E-40 raps.

Everything works out in the end for Yo Gotti as the judge finds him to be innocent. The Memphis rapper can get back to promoting his new album, which is in stores now. Things aren't too bad for the young lady either as she finds herself getting some support from comedian Lil Duval as the video comes to a close.

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