YK Osiris has a unique position in the 2019 XXL Freshman class as the sole singer. Eleven artists selected for this year's cover and he's the only one crooning his heart out. But don't get it twisted. Singing love songs like his gold-certified hits "Worth It" or "Valentine" isn't all he's got in the chamber. The 19-year-old Jacksonville, Fla. native is locked and loaded, ready to take aim with his versatility.

"And I’m not just doing love songs either," YK Osiris affirms. "I got them rap songs, too. I got that street side to me. I’m not just no singer. I’m coming both ways." Now, the burgeoning artist proves he's got the gusto for one of hip-hop's oldest art forms: freestyling. For his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle, YK kicks the adoration and romance to the curb to tell the story of a tainted friendship, all while showing off impressive vocal range. Auto-Tune enthusiasts, take note.

The Def Jam signee keeps it real about loyalty and taking action in the streets. "When I ain't even had that Glock, but you let me use yours/You know I bust for you, lil nigga, what was mine is yours/We ain't had no food, all we had was us, dog/Thuggin' in these streets, I was servin' niggas raw," YK delivers.

Then a switch-up occurs to YK's dismay. "I kept it solid, but you changed, tell me why you changed on me," he croons, the hurt seeping through his voice. "Why you had to change, you know that you changed on me/Why you had to change, tell me why you changed on me/Shit just ain't the same, no, it ain't the same for me."

If YK Osiris' freestyle isn't enough to quell the naysayers hating on his spot in the class, allow him to prove his point. "This is XXL Freshman and it is hip-hop, but I fit in it because I got swag, you know?," he expresses. "I’m not just no singer. I got swag, I got the drip [and] I got the looks. I fit in ’cause I’m versatile. I’m different. It’s important that XXL shine a light on singers because we have a story, too. We have pain. We for the culture. We go all around the world. We got swag. We got drip, you know? I’m very glad that they shine a light on the singer because we have the same thing rappers have; we just don’t rap."

Experience YK Osiris bring his truth to light in his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle above.

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