Ye Ali pulls up in a flossy "Big Body Benz" in his new video for a song of the same name. Eric Bellinger comes along for the ride.

The visual finds Ye Ali enjoying the company of flawless jewelry, beautiful women and, of course, his trusty big body Mercedes Benz. Throughout the vid we see the Indiana-raised crooner sitting against his whip as he croons on, using his whip as a way to describe a special woman in his life.

“I got a show in the valley/Let’s work it out like pilates/Still writin’ songs about you/Baby you know I’ma kiss it/I been on you for a long time/You know I been tryna kick it/Wish you’d really, think about it," the ultra-smooth Ali casually belts out on the track.

With all of its opulence and fairly simple set up, the "Big Body Benz" video is a perfect visual accompaniment for a track so smooth. Ye and Bellinger also mesh pretty well when they share the screen. It's no surprise, seeing as this isn't the first time the two have collaborated.

"Big Body Benz" is all set to appear on Ye Ali's Passion & Patience EP, which is due out on June 23. If the rest of the project is anything like "Big Body Benz," we're sure it will be more than a little dope.

Peep Ye's new visual for yourself below.

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