YBN Cordae is kicking off the summer with some new heat featuring Chance The Rapper. North Carolina and Chicago connect on "Bad Idea," a track that will live on Cordae's upcoming project, The Lost Boy, which he's been hard at work on for some time. He dropped off a video for the song, too.

On the track, Cordae and Chance discuss the ups and downs of life, ultimately deciding that they're both in a good space.

"I live life by faith nigga, instead of fear/God cryin', thunderstorms is heaven tears," spits Cordae, who plays the role of a homeless man and himself at different points of the visual. "The feelin' of lost hope, shit is never here/'Cause we gon' make it happen by any means."

Chance also brings the bars in his verse, which is being praised by many fans as sounding like "the old Chance."

"Confused where all my art went, monsters in a quiet place/Some of these decisions is like Sharpie on a dry-erase," spits Chance. "I know they thought I wouldn't, but I'm fireplace/I had my cake and ate it too, that shit is an acquired taste."

Talking to Zane Lowe on Beats1 Radio on Monday (June 17), Cordae revealed how the collaboration came about.

"We was both in Coachella. He just came up to me, show love, you know. I just told him, you know what I'm saying, he's one of the people that inspire me," explained Cordae, who joined Maxine Waters for her Young, Gifted and Black panel last year. "Took each other's numbers down. I flew to Chicago actually to get the song done."

During the interview, Cordae also revealed that he freestyled the opening line, and wanted the song to give off a feeling of nostalgia in the purest way possible.

"The opening lines to the song is, 'I know myself far too well to be a stranger of pain.' I freestyled that line. That's like immediately what I thought of when I heard that beat. Meaning like, you know, I know what I've been through. Everything that I've witnessed, everything that I've been to act like I don't know myself," Cordae said. "And that's really essentially what the song is about. It has like good home vibes, good summer vibes, like good nostalgic feeling to it. But like, not in a forceful way, cause I feel like now everybody's bringing back the nostalgic way, but in a force, you know what I'm saying? Like, it got to come natural."

Listen to YBN Cordae's "Bad Idea" featuring Chance The Rapper below. The Lost Boy is expected to drop in July.

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