Update (June 8, 7:49 p.m. EST):

XXXTentacion's show in Santa Ana, Calif. Thursday night (June 8) has been postponed, according to TMZ. Apparently the venue decided to postpone the show due to safety concerns after X got sucker punched last night. The show will reportedly be rescheduled.

Original Story:

It isn't a stretch to say brazenness is one of XXXTentacion's defining traits, so therefore it isn't too surprising to see he's got some words for the person who attacked him during the San Diego stop of his Revenge tour last night (June 7). A few of them constitute an invitation for his enemies to come knock him out again.

In a social media video story addressing his enemies, X brushes off the idea that he'll cancel his show in Santa Ana, Calif. tonight (June 8). "If you think we finna cancel our fucking Santa Ana show for a nigga sucker punching me, the fuck you got going on," X says in the first part of his story. "We lit tonight bitch, stop hating."

In that next bit of the story, X calls for his enemies to confront him at his show tonight. "Listen, [I'm] still in Cali, I want all the smoke, come to my show. I'm in your muthafuckin' state. I want all the pressure. Come knock me the fuck out, again, let's have a repeat," X says, with a text overlay telling his enemies to "pull up." He included a kissy face emoji.

In the next portion of the video, X tells his followers he feels fine following his being attacked last night, noting that things like that come with the sort of lifestyle he's lived, and that he was due to be knocked out at least once.

"Nigga finally caught me lacking, and it was about time. Bitch, I was, what, 5-0? Shit. About fucking time a nigga knocked me the fuck out," he says of how he feels about being jumped.

In what solidifies this story as a pretty comprehensive one regarding his feelings on the entire attack, X offers more specific details regarding his claim security guards working at his last show set him up to be attacked.

"Anybody talking about it was that pussy boy artist...just so you know, it was some gang niggas from San Diego, some affiliates that snuck in through the side—paid security off so they could come in and snuff me out, thought they was gon' jump me but we was too deep," X says in one last bit about what went down last night.

XXXTentacion doesn't look to be too bothered by the incident, and earlier today, he dropped a new song featuring himself and Ski Mask The Slump God. The cover art for the song, titled "Off the Wall," features a screenshot of a local San Diego news station's story about someone getting stabbed in the aftermath of X's attack.

Watch X invite his enemies to attack him once again in the video below.

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