To be someone who has one more than one occasion said he was quitting music, XXXTenacion sure does constantly stay working. XXX recently shared a preview of a new song with fans via Instagram and showed off a new hair color.

Yesterday (Jan. 6), the South Florida entertainer uploaded a video of himself and a guitar player in a room vibing out. As the man strums out a simple tune, X croons, "It just keeps me going insane/Numb the pain my God won't you numb the pain/Numb the pain."

"How's this sounding?" he captioned the video. Reviews of the track in progress were mostly positive. "I love your diverse range in music. You're a talented kid. Stay out of trouble and go crush this music shit!" one person typed. "Ya music all sound the same," someone else offered.

On top of the song, X also debuted different color dreads. In the video, purple locks can be seen sprouting from under his hoodie.

Earlier this week, the 17 rapper previewed another track. This one was laced with Auto-Tune and could possibly be titled "Heartbreaker."

A couple months back, he revealed his upcoming project, Bad Vibes Forever, will be a mix of genres. Both of these could end up on that tape. Both tracks are noticeably different from the last single he put out “#ProudCatOwner #IHateRappers #IEatPussy."

Check out the new preview below.

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