Last night (Aug. 23), XXXTentacion was met with outrage from fans and social media users after he posted a cryptic Instagram video that showed himself being hanged from a tree. The controversial video, which some believe was a publicity stunt, was met with a flood of critical comments, with many worried about the influence it would have on his younger fans who may potentially want to harm themselves.

Now, the 2017 XXL Freshman is responding to the major backlash, claiming that he would never kill himself for a publicity stunt, and confirming the act was for an upcoming music video. In a new post on Instagram, the rapper posts behind-the-scenes footage of the visuals, encouraging the director to use as much film from the scene as possible.

"If you thought I would 'pretend' to kill myself for a publicity stunt you're fucking stupid," the rapper captions the new video.

One fan appears to have captured a screenshot of an alleged statement from the "Look at Me" creator that seems to have been deleted from his Instagram story.

"Damn nigga, I'm not gonna lie I'm pissed off as fuck," he wrote in the deleted post. "I couldn't even surprise you guys cause I was scared someone would hurt themselves, and my feelings hurt as fuck, do you all really think I could kill myself and show that to the kids? You don't think I have more dignity than that? Shit makes me not even want to make music anymore, not allowed to be an artist it seems."

There is still criticism and outrage from fans and social media users over the video, as many feel it could encourage young people to engage in self-harm. Many have even urged the 17 entertainer to take the video down altogether. A look at XXXTentacion's Instagram comments prove how upset people are over the video.

See XXXTentacion's explanation of the controversial footage, as well as the original video in question below.

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