The composer of XXXTentacion's favorite video game salutes the late rapper with an unforgettable tribute.

Most of X's fans knew that he loved the video game Kingdom Hearts so much that it inspired the name of his son, Gekyume. At the stroke of midnight on Friday (Aug. 6), a fresh tribute to the Florida rapper created by Yoko Shimomura, the lead composer of both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy was uploaded to his YouTube page to coincide with the release of the deluxe version of his ? album. The video begins with XXXTentacion's tweets from 2016 about the game and a specific song by Shimomura called "Dearly Beloved."

"Unknown to many, Jahseh frequently went to the music of Yoko Shimomura for comfort and peace," XXXTentacion's estate says in a statement in the video. "She is responsible for the soundtracks behind numerous video games including Jahseh's favorite, Kingdom Hearts. Not long before his passing he showed interest in traveling to Japan to make new music, create art and be inspired. We are honored to have been able to meet with Yoko at the Bunkamura, where she played for us her original composition in tribute to Jahseh.

The video continues with live shots of Shimomura playing X's tribute "Nocturne" on the piano. During the melodic performance, a black-hooded figure, which might represent the spirit of X, travels around Japan, visiting familiar landmarks that the rapper could've been to had he went on his inspirational trip to Japan. Towards the end of the video, Shimomura explains why she named the song "Nocturne" while a scene of someone meant to act as XXXTentacion sitting on the back of a boat plays.

"First, I came up with an obvious title, 'Requiem,' but as I played it, I began to think that it has an image of night," Shimomura says. "I started to feel as if I was protecting something in the night. That's why "Nocturne," a term in classical music meaning "music of the night," wondering with thoughts of the night I initially named it 'Requiem' but in order to give it an image of night, I entitled it 'Nocturne.'"

Watch the latest tribute to XXXTentacion below.

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