One month after the murder of XXXTentacion on June 18, a grand jury indicted four men in the killing of the rapper born Jaseh Onfroy.

On Wednesday (July 18), a grand jury indicted Michael Boatwright (22), Trayvon Newsome (20), Dedrick Williams (22) and Robert Allen (22) in the murder, charging the four men with first-degree murder with a firearm and armed robbery with a firearm. Boatwright and Williams are already in custody. Allen and Newsome are wanted by authorities.

Boatwright and Newsome are believed to be the two men who were actually armed in the ambush of XXXTentacion. According to the indictment, it was Boatwright who actually fired the fatal shots into the 20-year-old rapper. Williams, whom the Broward Sheriff's office believe acted as the getaway driver in the incident, was arrested last month.

Broward Sheriff's Office

The police document detailing the two-part indictment reads in part, "[On] the 18th day of June in the year of Two Thousand Eighteen, in the County of Broward, State of Florida, Dedrick D. Williams, Michael Boatwright, Trayvon Newsome and Robert Allen did unlawfully and feloniously kill and murder Jahseh Onfroy, a human being, by shooting him with a firearm or helping as a principal to such shooting with a premeditated intent to cause the death of Jahseh Onfroy and during the course thereof Trayvon Newsome did actually possess a firearm and Michael Boatwright did actually possess and discharge a firearm and, as a result of the discharge, death was inflicted on Jaseh Onfroy."

The quoted portion of the indictment provides some interesting new information. Before this, Allen was simply listed as a person of interest. Now, he's being described as a flat-out participant in the robbery and subsequent killing of X. Additionally, this document states definitively that X's killing was a premeditated one.

The newest name to the case is Newsome, who had previously been arrested for possession of cannabis in July 2017, misdemeanor in August 2017 and for a traffic infraction on June 28, 2018.

Broward Sheriff's Office

The story of this case began when XXX traveled to a local Bank of American to withdraw a large some of cash. According to CNN, took $50,000 in $100 bills out of the bank before heading to Deerfield Beach, Fla.'s Riva Motorsports to shop for a motorcycle. It was intially reported that X might have had $20,000.

A short time after leaving the store, which he visited frequently before his death, X was ambushed in an apparent robbery. It was there, a short distance from the store he had just visited, that he was shot in his car before being taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to an affidavit with a recollection from a witness, a friend who was in the car at the time of the ambush, a dark-colored SUV drove in front of X's BMW in order to cut off his path to escape. It was at that point that two gunmen, whom the Broward Sheriff's Office now believe to be Newsome and Boatwright, jumped out of the car to rob the rapper.

After what the affidavit says was a brief struggle, the gunmen shot X a few times, resulting in the injuries that led to his death later that day. The affidavit says a small bag, which was reportedly filled with cash he'd taken out of a local bank beforehand, was removed from the vehicle. Shortly after being shot, X was pronounced dead at the Broward Health North hospital.

Williams was taken into police custody on Weds., June 20 and charged with first-degree murder, a probation violation for theft of a motor vehicle and driving without a valid license. On Thurs., June 21, Williams made his first appearance in court for charges related to the killing of X. On Mon., June 25, Williams pled not guilty.

In the aforementioned affidavit, police report that Williams was one of the X murder suspects who were in the Riva Motorsports store at the same time as the rapper. Surveillance footage from the store provided authorities with this information, and they used additional footage to catch a glimpse of Williams buying a black mask prior to his alleged role in the killing of XXXTentacion. Allen was also seen in the store with Williams.

Broward Sheriff's Office

In footage from Riva Motorsports, another man can be seeing wearing a dark outfit and a red mask. In an original dispatch call, it's reported that one of the alleged culprits was wearing a red mask during the robbery.

On June 27, the Broward Sheriff's Office named Allen as a person of interest in the case. Less than a week later, on July 3, they reported that the 22-year-old was wanted on a felony warrant for carrying a concealed firearm and possessing the synthetic drug PVP known as flakka. At press time Allen, whose alleged role in the killing has yet to be specified, has not been arrested.

A few weeks after X's death, on July 10, the Broward Sheriff's Office served Boatwright, who was already jailed in Broward County Jail after being arrested for possession and intent to sell cocaine and possession of Pyrrolidinopentiophenone on July 5, with an arrest warrant for the murder of X. It was at that point that they charged him with first-degree murder.

Broward Sheriff's Office

A detailed portion of the affidavit offers a timeline of X's murder: "On 6/18/2018 at 3:57 PM, deputies were dispatched to 3671 North Dixie Highway in Deerfield Beach in reference to a shooting. Upon arrival, deputies found the victim, [NAME REDACTED], seated in the drivers seat of a black BMW parked on the north side of the parking lot of Riva Motor Sports. The victim was suffering from what appeared to be several gunshot wounds. It was determined that the victim had come with a friend, [NAME REDACTED], to the location to look at motorcycles. [NAME REDACTED] stated that as they were leaving the location, their vehicle was cut off by a dark colored SUV. Two subjects exited the passenger side of the SUV armed with guns and demanded property from the victim. The victim was then shot by the gunman. After the victim was shot, of the gunmen entered the victim's vehicle and removed a small bag from within. Both suspects reentered the passenger's side of the dark colored SUV and the vehicle fled the scene.

An eyewitness to the shooting named [NAME REDACTED] provided a sworn statement and advised that both of the gunmen appeared to be black makes, wearing dark clothing, gloves and wearing some type of face mask during the incident, one black in color and the other red in color."

In another interesting bit from CNN's report, we also see that authorities found some incriminating evidence after the searched the home of Williams. Among the bits of evidence was a receipt for $800 worth of clothes Williams bought the day after the killing of X. Adding to the evidence, police also found ammunition for .22 caliber pistol that matched the casings police found at the site of the X shooting.

In addition to bullet casings, police found that the GPS in Williams' phone indicated that he was at the Riva Motorsports just one minute before X was shot. In that same phone, they  discovered video of Williams dancing while tossing around $100 bills hours after X's death.

On the Boatwright end of the evidence, authorities found that he'd searched X's legal name and the legal term, "accessory to murder," after the killing. Police found masks they deemd to be similar to the one's used in the X shooting in Boatwright's possession.

Known for his stylistic malleability and the ability to channel outright emotion, X was on the verge of superstardom at the time of his death. ?, which was the last album he released while he was alive, hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

At the time of his death, X had earned as many fans as he had accolades. On June 27, thousands of his fans traveled to Sunrise, Fla.'s BB&T Center to pay their respects to the slain rapper at an open-casket memorial. 

You can see police documents detailing the terms of the indictment below. Read the revelatory arrest warrant for Williams beneath the first two police documents.
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