XXXTentacion's been doing a little bit of everything since returning home from jail a couple of months back, and he's now added "attend a high school prom" to his list. This past weekend, the ascendant Florida rhyme-slinger went to prom with his cousin, and bits and pieces of the experience were uploaded to social media.

In one photo we see X, rocking a dope black tuxedo, flashing a big bright smile as he stands next to his cousin who's flipping two rock-out hand signs. In a video, we see X smoking on something, presumably just before he hits the unnamed high school since, you know, no drugs allowed.

In the last bit we get to see, we see a video of X's cousin riding in a whip with X presumably in the backseat. In the vid, X asks her, "How you feeling cousin? You feeling good?" to which she says, "Yeah." Getting turnt with your cousin X is definitely a reason to be feeling good and get "crazy."

Regretfully, we don't actually get to see X and his cousin turn up at the prom. Seeing students get lit to "Look at Me" would've been amazing—even if it was the edited version. X served up some new, very radio friendly heat just last week, though.

Linking with Diplo for production, X churned out "Looking for a Star (Can't Get You Out of My Head)" last week. The electronic-infused track is a pretty big departure from any of X's previous music, featuring Auto-Tune-laced vocals and an unmistakably pop vibe with little to no profanity. It's a different look for the rising X, but it's also a very good one. That's why the track landed on our best songs of the week list a few days ago.

X is rising, and he's having a lot of fun while doing it. Why not pull up at his cousin's prom? See a picture and a few videos from the prom date below.

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