Debating is a huge part of hip-hop. Time and time again we've witnessed the top 5 MCs conversation go down in the barbershop with each one more heated and intense than the last. For this reason alone, XXL decided to launch The Great Hip-Hop Debates.

Each week XXL's EIC Vanessa Satten and Sirius XM's Torae sit down with some of the top experts in the music industry to hash out some of rap's age old controversies. It's a no-holds-barred everything goes type of discussion with every panel, featuring new guests and new topics each sit-down. We're shooting it real and giving it to you straight.

On the first episode of "The Great Hip-Hop Debates," we linked up with renowned DJ, Mister Cee and journalists Sowmya Krishnamurthy and Shaheem Reid. In the inaugural podcast, Vanessa, Torae and our guests discuss the latest album of Kanye West, The Life Of Pablo, and how it ranks among the rest of Kanye's discography.

This is the first episode of XXL's debate podcast, "The Great Hip-Hop Debates." Check out the video above or listen to it on iTunes here.

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