Barack Obama and Mitt Romney aren't the only two awaiting for Election Day. Saigon has officially started his campaign, hoping to get elected by the people on November 6, which is the day his new album The Greatest Story Never Told 2: Bread and Circuses drops. Yesterday evening (September 19), the Yardfather hosted the listening session for his upcoming LP in New York to get the voting process started.

After showcasing his video for “Not Like Them,” a single featuring Styles P, Saigon sat at the helm of a roundtable and welcomed all before describing his newest effort, a sequel to his 2011 LP The Greatest Story Never Told. “The album might sound a little different to y’all, but that’s what I do,” Saigon described his upcoming album, which he has put more “heart” into.

This newfound influence becomes evident on the third track, “Let Me Run.” The potential single takes a left turn from the hardcore, gritty style of sound that Saigon has grown to become synonymous with over the years.

“I wanted to switch it up [to] give it not such a dark sound, to lighten up the sound a little bit,” the Brooklyn MC expressed. “I was watching OutKast’s video. Was it 'B.O.B.' where they’re running on the grass [and] all the kids are running? When I wrote the song, I just took the idea, 'Let Me Run,' of the kids running on the grass. I tried to switch the flow a little bit, show people I’m dynamic.”

“Let Me Run” is not the only track that shows a new side to Saigon, as “The Best Thing I Ever Had,” featuring longtime friend Lecrae, also showcases the rapper's inner conscious. The hardcore elements are still prevalent with tracks like “Yeah Yeah,” “Rap Versus Real” that are both produced by Just Blaze and “Blown Away,” the most well-received track of the night, for its content focusing on heroes and leaders assassinated or their reputation tarnished by adversaries.

The Greatest Story Never Told 2: Bread and Circuses is due out on Election Day, and all can cast a vote for him by buying the album in stores or online once it drops, according to Saigon. —Christopher Minaya (@CM_3)