50 Cent was in so much pain earlier this week, he had to go home. After getting sick overseas, ’Fif checked himself into Jamaica hospital on Wednesday (May 16), just minutes away from where he grew up in.

“I had something to eat, overseas in London, that didn’t sit right with me,” 50 explained to XXLMag.com yesterday in his G-Unit office.

In fact, he was still sporting a bandage on his right hand where his IV was.

“I threw up in the car, I fucked this guy’s car up, the back of the car,” he added. “He had a Maybach, tried to take me in a nice car to the airport, I threw up in the backseat. I threw up out the car too, so the door got all fucked up. I ended up washing my mouth up with water, cause I chewed gum.”

50 said he felt better on the plane coming back to the New York, but once he got to the G-Unit office, he began vomiting again and later checked himself into a hotel.

“I couldn’t sleep,” 50 continued. “I was all uncomfortable during the sleep process, and I woke up in the morning, only doing like three or four hours of sleep. So I was like ‘Yo. Just take me to the hospital.’”

50 was informed by his regular physician that he would be okay with just some rest, but later in the day, once again, the vomit started erupting.

“I’m drinking Gatorade ’cause the electrolytes, ’cause I threw up so many times I felt I was feeling bad. I was completely dehydrated,” 50 said. “And it happened to be Red Gatorade. So I go from doing to the interview [in my office], to going ‘Yo my stomach feeling crazy. I’mma go to the bathroom.’ I just made it to throw up in the toilet, and it looked like somebody died cause it’s red and it looks like blood all in the toilet and everything. So I wash up my face and shit, and I leave.”

Next destination, Jamaica hospital in Queens.

“I get in the back of the truck, and I’m felling real uncomfortable when start moving,” 50 said. “I’m buggin’, got the AC [on] and I take my shirt off, I'm sweating and shit. I look like a fiend in the back! You would've seen me in the back and said ‘that nigga smoked some shit!!!!’

“And I go to Jamaica hospital, the same hospital I went when I got shot,” he continued. “They gave me morphine, ’cause I was hurting so bad, ’cause my stomach was fucked up. They gave me this dye to drink before I took a CAT scan, and I drank it a few times before I went in there. After I finished enough of it, they took me to the CAT scan thing, and that’s when they realized that my small intestine was clogged.”

Although minor surgery was one of the doctor’s suggestion to clear up the suggestion, 50’s condition was able to resolve itself with rest.

Despite 50’s anguish, he still was able to get in a few laughs, courtesy of Eminem and his G-Unit family. The Unit staffers sent Teddy bears to the hospital and said they were a gift from DJ Drama, who is hosting 50’s new mixtape, The Lost Tape, due Tuesday (May 22).

“Nah he didn’t send no teddy bears,” 50 laughed. [The staff] actually brought it for him, and said ‘Yo. Here. Drama said thanks for the 15 tracks that you gave him…’”

“I woulda send one of the big ones from a fair if anything,” Drama joked.

“‘What do you give a guy who has everything? Teddy bears, don’t die on us okay. We need drops for the tape,’” 50 ended.

’Fif also said that Slim Shady got in on the joking with a phone call that made him feel better.

“Em called and said, ‘Man you been shot nine times, don’t fuck around and die over a burger,’” 50 remembered. “He called and started making me laugh and shit, and I wasn’t feeling good. So I just started to laugh, and he cheered me up when I was feeling uncomfortable.”

That’s what friends are for.—Shaheem Reid