Xavier Wulf lives the life of a trap star in his brand new video for "Request Refused," and with that lifestyle come enemies from all over.

In the new visual, which Wulf dropped this past Tuesday (July 3), the rapper plays the role of a successful trapper who absorbs all the perks of the lifestyle as he counts his cash. He drives a flossy whip on a sunny day, hangs out with beautiful women and has the support of all his peoples.

Everything is going swell until the midway point of the video. That's when we learn that his lady has plotted with a few opportunistic robbers to take Wulf down. Does our hero make it out alive? We'll let you find that out for yourself.

"Request Refused" is a Tay Keith-produced cut from Wulf's forthcoming East Memphis Maniac mixtape, and it finds the southern rapper spitting about why he's ducking the life of a romantic. The track itself dropped back in May.

"I'm a born/Memphis nigga with a degree in playing dirty/Told that bitch I ain't got no time I'm always in a hurry/I pull up, shut down a town, you whack, won't even worry/Hollow Squad pull through and watch them niggas scurry in a hurry," Wulf raps on the track.

Watch Xavier Wulf's latest video for yourself just below. Take a look at Wulf's video for "Check It Out" when you're done.

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