Xavier Wulf is back at it. Very recently, the talented East Memphis rhymer gave fans a trippy new visual for "Check It Out," a track he released last November.

The visual for the track takes place in a few settings. In one part, he's riding a bike down a lonely street at night time. In another, he's rocking the stage in front of a lively crowd. In between those clips we see Xavier wielding a samurai sword (katana) for no apparent reason. Either way you look at it, the distorted effects in the visual make it all look pretty awesome.

The track the visual was made for is similarly multifaceted, as Xavier seamlessly switches between a calm and boisterous delivery. It's an interesting sound that makes it sort of easy to understand why the track's got 1.6 million streams on SoundCloud.

"We was coolin', smokin', minding our own business/Why he hatin'? Why he mad? Why you lying, bitch?/I don't care about nobody but my own clique/And if you test, we gon' show him how to throw a fit/Fuck a bitch, boy, and fuck a nigga too, shit/I give no fuck about who the fuck you cooling with/You gon' all fall, lil nigga, let's get started with it/I ain't a friend, I'm the end, nigga, deal with it," Xavier spits in the more vicious part of the track.

Peep the visual for "Check It Out," which was directed by Kariuki, below. Check out Xavier's features on Joey Fatts' "Do What You Need to" and Trakksounds' "Bout It" when you're done with that.

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