Over the past handful of years, we've become accustomed to prosecutors citing a rapper's lyrics as evidence against him in court. Until the charges were dropped earlier this year, San Diego rapper Tiny Doo faced life in prison because the prosecution argued his lyrics tied him to a string of shootings. Before that, it was Boosie, who sat shackled in court as assistant district attorneys played acapella songs of his and tried to paint him to the jury as a cold-blooded killer. And Bobby Shmurda is still stuck in a cell, denied bail and awaiting trial on a series of drug and weapons charges stemming from a case built partially around his music and videos. But all those incidences have one thing in common: the prosecution using lyrics to bolster an existing case. Rarely if ever has a victim's family picked up evidence off of wax.

Until now. According to WREG, a CBS affiliate in Memphis, Joyce Stokes believes that a song by the popular Memphis rapper alludes to her daughter's murder. This June, 15-year-old Cateria Stokes was shot and killed while relaxing in the living room of her home. The surviving Stokes claims that "Lil Homie," from Trip's June album Godspeed, alludes to the killing. The 2012 XXL Freshman's song, which can be heard below, recalls a botched shooting in which the unnamed assailant "hit some kid while she was napping" and that the shooters had targeted an incorrect address. "It hurt me so bad that somebody want to get fame and glory--get famous off my daughter getting killed in her sleep," said Joyce Stokes. She also says that Trip went to high school with one of her sons. Memphis police told WREG that they are aware of the situation and are investigating.