Wiz Khalifa pays a visit to DJ Whoo Kid's radio show on Shade 45 to discuss a variety of topics including Prince's death, the NBA Finals and more. Most interestingly, Wiz breaks down, in detail, Max B's influence on the Pittsburgh MC's sound.

Wiz tells DJ Whoo Kid, "I'm just the type of artist, when music catches me, I really dig deep. I go into it. It don't matter who it is. [Max B], being that he was a newer artist at that time, it really inspired me and I was like 'This is a new guy, new sound, and I'm rockin' with him.' I was going to support him to the end."

The Kush & Orange Juice rapper delves even further into his appreciation for Max B. He says, "The thing that people gotta get over -- or they don't have to get over it, but -- I'm telling you these are my inspirations. Max B -- the 'B' in his name is for Biggaveli -- Jay Z, Biggie and Makaveli. Biggie, Jigga and Makaveli all in one. He's saying he's all of them in one. So as a man, you gotta be able to respect your influence."

Wiz continues, "He thinks really highly of himself, and you gotta be a super human being to present that to people. That's what I'm giving y'all. I'm not giving y'all Max B. I'm not giving y'all [Krayzie Bone], I'm giving y'all great music that's been done for years. This is my version of it."

Recently, Jim Jones said Max B could've been as big of an artist as Drake right now. Unfortunately, Max is still incarcerated.

You can view the interview DJ Whoo Kid interview in its entirety above via YouTube, and keep it locked to XXL for all future Wiz news and music.

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