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Wiz Khalifa wants you to have fun. On a balmy afternoon, the Taylor Gang general is decked out in all white on the Hornblower Hybrid, which is the location for his Blacc Hollywood listening session on Friday (July 25). There's unlimited hors d'oeuvres featuring mini burgers, steak skewers and crab cakes. There's also a wealthy supply of Hennessy, Belvedere, and Moet - just enough accommodations for Wiz's crazy lifestyle. Journalists and fans are encouraged to look fresh for the summer—an indication that this LP will already be the soundtrack to your late night outings. Given that Wiz likes to make music for smoke breaks and good times, you’re going to get those types of tracks at their very best.

Since 2012’s O.N.I.F.C., the 26-year-old MC has experienced some big life moments. He married Amber Rose and celebrated the birth of his son, Sebastian, within a two year timespan. While those moments could have sparked a unique direction for Blacc Hollywood, Wiz opted to stick what’s made him popular. As opposed to the moody O.N.I.F.C., Wiz wanted to pay special attention to the vibe and overall energy. It's allowed him to put together tracks that are uplifting and joyous.

On the recently released bonus track, “You And Your Friends,” featuring Taylor Gang signee Ty Dolla $ign and Snoop Dogg, they take to the golden coast with a summery anthem that’s produced by DJ Mustard. He then went into “Raw,” which finds him teaming up with longtime collaborator Sledgren about a song describing how his lifestyle is unpredictable. To stick with the partying theme, “Staying Out All Night” is a smooth track with Wiz crooning about how he’s drank so much that he wants his love interest to take him home. Produced by Dr. Luke, the track blends two worlds of electronic dance and hip-hop perfectly.

In between records, Wiz explained how Blacc Hollywood would be a well-balanced album for everyone. From mixtapes such as 28 Grams, Wiz has made a name for himself by giving fans different textures of him. Whether it is trap or inspirational, each song he created encapsulates his emotions. For marijuana connoisseurs, “So High” is the kind of laid-back feel you’ll need to light up and enjoy. And with Nicki Minaj in full-fledged rap mode, “True Colors” has the pair trading duets and bars that show their creative relationship is unlike anyone else.

Wiz, of course, couldn’t leave without playing “We Dem Boyz.” The Detail-produced club banger has spent 14 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 that’s continued to pick up speed since its release in February. It’s proven fact that Wiz can deliver smashes that’ll get everyone going. With Blacc Hollywood, you can bet a few of these songs will give him even bigger looks.

Blacc Hollywood is set to hit stores on Aug. 19.—Eric Diep

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