Even though he doesn't work on a comedic television sitcom anymore, Will Smith is one of the funniest people to hit the internet these days. After making use of his official Instagram page back in December of 2017, during the press run for the Netflix movie Bright, the veteran rapper and actor has become a social media sensation.

Smith first started posting in promotion of the Netflix film's success but has kept up with it after the press run ended. The results are more than hilarious. Whether he's trekking along with his family on a Christmas-themed sleigh ride and forgetting the words to classic Christmas carols, or, most recently this week (Feb. 7), remaking his son Jaden Smith's "Icon" music video, the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star's videos each garner millions of views.

He even shares some of the profound wisdom he's become best known for over the years, teaching followers how to live their best lives. While Will might have a larger-than-life net worth in his bank account, and star in some of Hollywood's major motion pictures, his Instagram use proves that he's just like the rest of us in the most hilarious and inspiring way.

Check out some of the best videos from Will Smith's Instagram page below.

  • Will Smith Remakes His Son Jaden Smith's "Icon" Music Video

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  • Will Drops Gems About Keeping Genuine People in Your Circle

  • Will Reports for Jury Duty

  • Will Sings Some Latin Music While Waiting for Wife Jada in the Studio

  • Will Goes on a Bumpy Boat Ride in Australia

  • Will Shows Off His Wife's New Haircut

  • Will and the Family Go on a Hilarious Sleigh Ride

  • Will Takes Shots at Justin Timberlake in Hilarious Shout Out

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