Wiley is still dissing Drake.

During a Thursday (Sept. 12) interview with 1Xtra Breakfast Show With Dotty, the U.K. Grime artist slammed Drizzy again, calling him a culture vulture and accusing him of taking advantage of Grime artists.

"Artists, stay away from culture vultures," Wiley said. "Stay away from pagans and stay away from people who wait until you're blown to come and stand next to you and collect money...They just turned up when everything was easy."

Wiley elaborated further about his remarks about the Toronto rap superstar. "Drake is a pagan," he said. "Listen to this, I tried to apologize to this brother, you know, because I felt bad but you know what? I ain't taking back, no apology. He is the worst, I swear to God."

Wiley’s rebuke of Drake comes after a Wednesday Twitter rant in which he expressed his frustration with the rapper who he claims blocked him from releasing his song “Bad Like We,” that features Nicki Minaj and Popcaan. Popcaan is signed to Drake’s label OVO Sound. The rap mogul delivered the news during a surprise performance at the 2018 Unruly Festival in Jamaica.

Elsewhere in his latest interview, Wiley said people are unaware of how Drake handles his business. "Can't you see what people do out here?" he said. "The truth is he's just a pagan. He knows it. And if I say it, he can't say nothing to me because it's the truth...He's not embracing the scene, he's doing it for himself."

You can listen to Wiley's full interview with 1Xtra Breakfast Show With Dotty at bbc.co.uk. Listen to Wiley speak on Drizzy and Ed Sheeran below.

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