If you've been to a concert at Webster Hall in New York City then you're aware of the magic that goes down on that stage and in front of those crowds. The concert hall and nightclub, which has been home to some legendary moments over the years like the frenzy outside the venue due to a surprise Kanye West show, is reportedly going to close down in August to undergo renovations.

The famed New York City venue will reopen under brand new management once the renovations are complete. According to Webster Hall's current operator, Gerard McNamee, the last party will take place on Aug. 5, and the finale concert will be on Aug. 9. McNamee released a statement encouraging fans to come out and embrace the final evenings of the concert venue, as he says there are only 12 more club nights left before it will be closing for the renovation period.

"I highly recommend that you all stop by before the end of this era to pay your respects to [current owners] the Ballingers and the building for providing us with a lifetimes worth of memories," wrote Gerard McNamee. "There are only 12 club nights left. Please come celebrate our rich 25-year history of being the biggest, baddest and longest running nightclub in the history of New York City."

Webster Hall will apparently be purchased by a joint venture between Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment and AEG Presents, which run other venues in New York City including The Barclays Center and Terminal 5. Reports also indicate that the venue will be a much more concert-centric location, which will hopefully be a spot for more of our favorite artists. This means the new, improved Webster Hall will have fewer dance nights, and the Marlin Room will turn into an additional bar and waiting area for attendees who are anticipating going into the Grand Ballroom.

It might be time to find a night to visit Webster Hall before it shuts down as we know it. Take a look at the event calendar here.

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