Puffy's been puttin' that work in, stepping out from behind the boards to recapture some of the magic from his leading man days. He dropped MMM, the pre-cursor to his upcoming No Way Out 2, earlier this month and comes through with an extended behind the scenes documentary detailing the making of the project. The "MMM" doc is an extension of a previously released trailer, that expands on Diddy's collaborative process and shows him very much in his zone, speaking motivational truths as only he can.

The 13-minute doc pulls the curtain back on such songs as "Money Makin Mitch," "Help Me," "You Could Be My Lover," "Harlem," "Auction," and "Workin," for which Puff recently dropped a video. There are quotes a plenty throughout the flick, with Puff clearly honing in on his soap box slick talk. "It’s a frequency I’m going for. It’s this funk that I’m tryna get to" he said of one particular track. And towards the end of the video, "Only the songs survive. That’s why I only make smashes."

There's still no release date for No Way Out 2, but if MMM is any indication, than the family affair will be even grander and more diverse than the last.