Lil B is not joking around. The rapper, famous for his endless slew of music, his tongue-in-cheek celebrity odes and his fiercly loyal fanbase, gave a lecture last week at Carnegie Mellon University. While much of the student body was apparently unready for B's earnestness--the hour-long recording is often interrupted by shouts, laughter, and ad-libs--the savant from Berkeley was in, well, rare form. There were hilarious moments: shots at Gerlado Riveria ("I don't know if he even is classified as a journalist") and references to his famous cooking dance brought down the house. But most of the lecture was dedicated to building communities governed by empathy, a cause that B has been pushing since his early Myspace days.

The Based God sp0ke at length about how people define themselves, using parables of mice who were raised by pigeons and young men and women who find their gender identities to be fluid. He also took time to talk to pay tribute to The Jacka, the Bay Area rapper who was tragically killed last month. Quoting from his song "See It Thru," B reminded the students that, despite The Jacka identifying as a gangsta rapper, ""He definitely says things that are healing. Things that heal me, and I know they heal a lot of other people as well."